Nokia 5228 - Packet data settings

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Packet data settings

Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Admin. settings > Packet data.
The packet data settings affect all access points using a packet data connection.
Select from the following:


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Packet data connection — If you select When available and you are in a

network that supports packet data, the device registers to the packet data

network. Starting an active packet data connection (for example, to send and

receive e-mail) is quicker than if the device establishes a packet data connection

when needed. If there is no packet data coverage, the device periodically tries

to establish a packet data connection. If you select When needed, the device

uses a packet data connection only if you start an application or action that needs


Access point — The access point name is needed to use your device as a packet

data modem to a compatible computer.

15. Search

About Search

Select Menu > Internet > Search.
Search (network service) enables you to use various internet-based search services

to find, for example, websites and images. The content and availability of the

services may vary.

Start a search

Select Menu > Internet > Search.
To search the contents of your mobile device, enter search terms in the search field,

or browse the content categories. While you enter the search terms, the results are

organised into categories. The most recently accessed results appear at the top of

the result list, if they match your search terms.
To search for web pages on the internet, select Search the Internet, a search

provider, and enter your search terms in the search field. The search provider you

selected is set as your default internet search provider.
If a default search provider is already set, select it to start a search, or select More

search services to use another search provider.