Nokia 5228 - Remote SIM mode

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Remote SIM mode

Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Bluetooth.


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Before the remote SIM mode can be activated, the two devices must be paired and

the pairing initiated from the other device. When pairing, use a 16-digit passcode,

and set the other device as authorised.
To use the remote SIM mode with a compatible car kit accessory, activate Bluetooth

connectivity, and enable the use of the remote SIM mode with your device. Activate

the remote SIM mode from the other device.
When the remote SIM mode is on in your device, Remote SIM mode is displayed in

the home screen. The connection to the wireless network is turned off, as indicated

by in the signal strength indicator area, and you cannot use SIM card services or

features requiring cellular network coverage.
When the wireless device is in the remote SIM mode, you can only use a compatible

connected accessory, such as a car kit, to make or receive calls. Your wireless device

will not make any calls while in this mode, except to the emergency numbers

programmed into your device. To make calls from your device, you must leave the

remote SIM mode. If the device is locked, enter the lock code to unlock it.
To leave the remote SIM mode, press the power key, and select Exit remote SIM