Nokia 5228 - Send data using Bluetooth connectivity

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Send data using Bluetooth connectivity

Several Bluetooth connections can be active at a time. For example, if you are

connected to a compatible headset, you can also transfer files to another compatible

device at the same time.
1. Open the application where the item you want to send is stored.
2. Tap an item, and select Options > Send > Via Bluetooth.

Devices with Bluetooth wireless technology that are within range are displayed.

Device icons are as follows:



audio or video device

other device

To interrupt the search, select Stop.


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3. Select the device with which you want to connect.
4. If the other device requires pairing before data can be transmitted, a tone

sounds, and you are asked to enter a passcode. The same passcode must be

entered in both devices.
When the connection is established, Sending data is displayed.

Tip: When searching for devices, some devices may show only the unique

address (device address). To find the unique address of your device, enter