Nokia 5228 - Manage names and numbers

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Manage names and numbers

To copy or delete a contact, or to send a contact as a business card to another device,

tap and hold a contact, and select Copy, Delete, or Send business card.
To delete several contacts at the same time, select Options > Mark/Unmark to

mark the desired contacts, and to delete, select Options > Delete.
To listen to the voice tag assigned to a contact, select the contact and Options >

Voice tag details > Options > Play voice tag.
Before using voice tags, note the following:
● Voice tags are not language-dependent. They are dependent on the speaker's


● You must say the name exactly as you said it when you recorded it.
● Voice tags are sensitive to background noise. Record voice tags and use them in

a quiet environment.

● Very short names are not accepted. Use long names, and avoid similar names for

different numbers.

Note: Using voice tags may be difficult in a noisy environment or during an

emergency, so you should not rely solely upon voice dialling in all circumstances.


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