Nokia 5228 - Fixed dialling

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Fixed dialling

Select Menu > Contacts and Options > SIM numbers > Fixed dial contacts.
With the fixed dialling service, you can restrict calls from your device to certain

phone numbers. Not all SIM cards support the fixed dialling service. For more

information, contact your service provider.


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When security features that restrict calls are in use (such as call barring, closed user

group, and fixed dialling), calls may be possible to the official emergency number

programmed into your device. Call barring and call diverting cannot be active at the

same time.
You need your PIN2 code to activate and deactivate fixed dialling or edit your fixed

dialling contacts. Contact your service provider for your PIN2 code.
Select Options and from the following:
Activate fixed dialling — Activate the fixed dialing.

Deactivate fixed dialling — Deactivate the fixed dialing.

New SIM contact — Enter the contact name and phone number to which calls

are allowed.

Add from Contacts — Copy a contact from the list of contacts to the fixed dialling


To send text messages to the SIM contacts while the fixed dialling service is active,

you need to add the text message centre number to the fixed dialling list.

7. Messaging

Messaging main view

Select Menu > Messaging (network service).
To create a new message, select New message.

Tip: To avoid rewriting messages that you send often, use texts in the

Templates folder in My folders. You can also create and save your own


Messaging contains the following folders:

Inbox — Received messages, except e-mail and cell broadcast messages,

are stored here.

My folders — Organise your messages into folders.