Nokia 5228 - Organise images and videos

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Organise images and videos

Select Menu > Gallery.
Select Images & videos > Options and from the following:
Folder options — To move files to folders, select Move to folder. To create a

new folder, select New folder.

Organise — To copy files to folders, select Copy. To move files to folders, select



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View by — View files by date, title, or size.

12. Nokia Video Centre

With Nokia Video Centre (network service), you can download and stream video

clips over the air from compatible internet video services using a packet data

connection. You can also transfer video clips from a compatible PC to your device

and view them in Video centre.
Using packet data access points to download videos may involve the transmission

of large amounts of data through your service provider's network. Contact your

service provider for information about data transmission charges.
Your device may have predefined services.
Service providers may provide free content or charge a fee. Check the pricing in the

service or from the service provider.

View and download video clips

Connect to video services

1. Select Menu > Applications > Video centre.
2. To connect to a service to install video services, select Add new services and

the desired video service from the service catalogue.

View a video clip

To browse the content of installed video services, select Video feeds.
The content of some video services is divided into categories. To browse video clips,

select a category.
To search for a video clip in the service, select Video search. Search may not be

available in all services.
Some video clips can be streamed over the air, but others must be first downloaded

to your device. To download a video clip, select Options > Download. Downloads