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Nokia support

To find the latest version of this guide, additional information, downloads, and

services related to your Nokia product, see or your local

Nokia website.

Configuration settings service

To download configuration settings such as MMS, GPRS, e-mail, and other services

for your phone model, see

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Nokia Care services

If you need to contact Nokia Care services, check the list of local

Nokia Care contact centres at


For maintenance services, find your nearest Nokia Care point at


3. Your device

Phone setup

When you switch on your device for the first time, the Phone setup application is

To access the Phone setup application later, select Menu > Applications > Phone

To set up the device connections, select Sett. wizard.
To transfer data to your device from a compatible Nokia device, select Switch.
The available options may vary.

Copy contacts or pictures from your old device

Want to copy important information from your previous compatible Nokia device

and start using your new device quickly? Use the Phone switch application to copy,

for example, contacts, calendar entries, and pictures to your new device, free of

Select Menu > Applications > Phone setup and Data transfer.