Nokia 5228 - During a call

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During a call

To mute or unmute the microphone, select or .
To put a call on hold or activate the held call, select

or .

To switch back to the handset, select .
To end the call, select .

To switch between the active and held calls, select Options > Swap.

Tip: When you have only one active voice call, to put the call on hold, press

the call key. To activate the held call, press the call key again.

To send DTMF tone strings (for example, a password), select Options > Send

DTMF. Enter the DTMF string or search for it in the contacts list. To enter a wait

character (w) or a pause character (p), press * repeatedly. To send the tone, select

OK. You can add DTMF tones to the phone number or DTMF field in contact details.
To end an active call and replace it by answering the waiting call, select Options >

To end all your calls, select Options > End all calls.
Many of the options that you can use during a voice call are network services.