Nokia 5228 - Monitor all communication events

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Monitor all communication events

Select Menu > Log.
To open the general log where you can monitor all voice calls, text messages, or

data connections registered by the device, select the general log tab


Subevents, such as a text message sent in more than one part and packet data

connections, are logged as one communication event. Connections to your mailbox,

multimedia message centre, or web pages are shown as packet data connections.
To view how much data was transferred and how long a certain packet data

connection lasted, scroll to an incoming or outgoing event indicated by GPRS, and

select Options > View.
To copy a phone number from the log to the clipboard, and paste it into a text

message, for example, select Options > Use number > Copy.
To filter the log, select Options > Filter and a filter.
To set the log duration, select Options > Settings > Log duration. If you select

No log, all the log contents, recent calls register, and messaging delivery reports

are permanently deleted.

5. Write text

You can enter letters, numbers, and special characters in several different ways. The

on-screen keyboards allow you to enter characters by tapping them with your

fingers or the stylus. Handwriting recognition allows you to write characters directly

onto the screen using the stylus as a pen. Handwriting recognition may not be

available for all languages.
Tap any text input field to enter letters, numbers, and special characters.
Your device can complete words based on the built-in dictionary for the selected

text input language. The device also learns new words from your input.