Nokia 5228 - Recent calls

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Recent calls

Select Menu > Log and Recent calls.

Make calls

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To view missed, received, and dialled calls, select Missed calls, Received calls or

Dialled numbers.

Tip: To open the dialled numbers list in the home screen, press the call key.

On the toolbar, select from the following:

Call — Call the desired contact.

Create message — Send a message to the desired contact.

Open Contacts — Open the contacts list.

Select Options and from the following:
Save to Contacts — Save the highlighted phone number from a recent calls list

to your contacts.

Clear list — Clear the selected recent calls list.

Delete — Clear a highlighted event in the selected list.

Settings — Select Log duration and the length of time that the communication

information is saved in the log. If you select No log, no information is saved in

the log.