Nokia 5228 - Start chatting

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Start chatting

Select Menu > Applications > Chat.
1. Select the service or services that you want to use to chat, and then select

You can sign in to and chat in several services at the same time. You need to

separately sign in to each service.

2. In your contacts list, select the contact you want to chat with.

You can have ongoing conversations with several contacts at the same time.

Get more information — Select the options icon and the appropriate option.


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8. Personalise your device

You can personalise your device by changing the home screen, tones, or themes.

Change the look of your device

Select Menu > Settings and Personal > Themes.
You can use themes to change the look of the display, such as wallpaper and main

menu layout.
To change the theme that is used for all the applications in your device, select

General. To preview a theme before activating it, scroll to the theme, and wait for

a few seconds. To activate the theme, select Options > Set. The active theme is

indicated by .
To change the layout of the main menu, select Menu.
To change the look of the home screen, select Home scr. theme.
To have a wallpaper image or a slide show of changing images as the background

in the home screen, select Wallpaper > Image or Slide show.
To change the image displayed in the home screen when a call is received, select

Call image.


Select Menu > Settings and Personal > Profiles.
You can use profiles to set and customise the ringing tones, message alert tones,

and other tones for different events, environments, or caller groups. The name of

the selected profile is displayed at the top of the home screen. If the General profile

is in use, only the date is displayed.
To change a profile, scroll to the profile, and select Options > Activate.
To personalise a profile, scroll to the profile, and select Options > Personalise.

Select the setting you want to change.