Nokia 5228 - Delete e-mail messages

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Delete e-mail messages

Select Menu > Messaging and a mailbox.
To delete the contents of an e-mail message from the device while still retaining it

in the remote mailbox, select Options > Delete > Phone only.
The device mirrors the e-mail headers in the remote mailbox. Although you delete

the message content, the e-mail header stays in your device. If you want to remove

the header as well, you must be connected to the server when deleting the message

from your device and the remote mailbox. It there is no connection to the server,

the header is deleted when you make a connection from your device to the remote

mailbox again to update the status.
To delete an e-mail from the device and the remote mailbox, select Options >

Delete > Phone and server.
To cancel deleting an e-mail that has been marked to be deleted from the device

and server during the next connection ( ), select Options > Restore.