Nokia 5228 - Text message settings

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Text message settings

Select Menu > Messaging and Options > Settings > Text message.
Select from the following:
Message centres — View a list of all text message centres that have been


Message centre in use — Select which message centre to use to deliver text


Character encoding — To use character conversion to another encoding system

when available, select Reduced support.

Receive report — Select whether the network sends delivery reports on your

messages (network service).

Message validity — Select how long the message centre resends your message

if the first attempt fails (network service). If the message cannot be sent within

the validity period, the message is deleted from the message centre.

Message sent as — To learn if your message centre is able to convert text

messages into these other formats, contact your service provider.

Preferred connection — Select the connection to use.

Reply via same centre — Select whether you want the reply message to be

sent using the same text message centre number (network service).