Nokia 5228 - Play a song or a podcast

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To fast-forward or rewind, select and hold or .
To go to the next item, select . To return to the

beginning of the item, select . To skip to the previous

item, select again within 2 seconds after a song or

podcast has started.
To activate or deactivate random play ( ), select

Options > Shuffle play.
To repeat the current item ( ), all items ( ), or to

deactivate repeat, select Options > Repeat.
If you play podcasts, shuffle and repeat are

automatically deactivated.
To adjust the volume, press the volume key.
To modify the tone of the music playback, select

Options > Equaliser.
To modify the balance and stereo image or to enhance

the bass, select Options > Settings.
To return to the home screen and leave the player

playing in the background, press the end key.
To close the player, select Options > Exit.