Nokia 5228 - Alarm clock

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Alarm clock

Select Menu > Applications > Clock.
To set a new alarm, select New alarm. Set the alarm time. Select Repeat to set

whether and when the alarm is repeated, and select Done.
To view your active and inactive alarms, select Alarms. When the alarm is active,

is displayed. When the alarm is repeated, is displayed.

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To remove an alarm, select Alarms, scroll to the alarm, and select Options > Delete

To turn off the alarm when the alarm expires, select Stop. To snooze the alarm,

select Snooze. If your device is switched off when an alarm expires, your device

switches itself on and starts sounding the alarm tone.
To define the snooze time, select Options > Settings > Alarm snooze time.
To change the alarm tone, select Options > Settings > Clock alarm tone.