Nokia 5228 - Call barring

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Call barring

Call barring (network service) allows you to restrict the calls that you make or receive

with the device. For example, you can restrict all outgoing international calls or

incoming calls when you are abroad. To change the settings, you need the barring

password from your service provider.
Select Menu > Settings and Calling > Call barring.
When security features that restrict calls are in use (such as call barring, closed user

group, and fixed dialling), calls may be possible to the official emergency number

programmed into your device. Call barring and call diverting cannot be active at the

same time.

Voice call barring

Select the desired barring option and Activate, Deactivate, or Check status. Call

barring affects all calls, including data calls.


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19. Troubleshooting

To view frequently asked questions about your device, see the product support

pages at

Q: What is my password for the lock, PIN, or PUK codes?

A: The default lock code is 12345. If you forget the lock code, contact your device

dealer. If you forget a PIN or PUK code, or if you have not received such a code,

contact your network service provider. For information about passwords, contact

your access point provider, for example, a commercial internet service provider (ISP)

or network service provider.

Q: How do I close an application that is not responding?

A: Press and hold the menu key. Select and hold the application icon, and select


Q: Why do images look smudgy?

A: Ensure that the camera lens protection windows are clean.

Q: Why do missing, discoloured, or bright dots appear on the screen

every time I switch on my device?

A: This is a characteristic of this type of display. Some displays may contain pixels

or dots that remain on or off. This is normal, not a fault.

Q: Why can’t I find my friend’s device while using Bluetooth


A: Check that both devices are compatible, have activated Bluetooth connectivity,

and are not in hidden mode. Check also that the distance between the two devices

is not over 10 metres (33 feet) and that there are no walls or other obstructions

between the devices.