Nokia 5228 - Phone and SIM

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Phone and SIM
Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone mgmt. > Security settings >

Phone and SIM card.
Select from the following:
PIN code request — When active, the code is requested each time the device

is switched on. Deactivating the PIN code request may not be allowed by some

SIM cards.

PIN code andPIN2 code — Change the PIN and PIN2 code. These codes can only

include numbers. Avoid using access codes similar to the emergency numbers to

prevent accidental dialling of the emergency number. If you forget the PIN or


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PIN2 code, contact your service provider. If you forget the lock code, contact a

Nokia Care point or your service provider.

Lock code — The lock code is used to unlock the device. To avoid unauthorised

use of your device, change the lock code. The preset code is 12345. The new code

can be 4-255 characters long. Alphanumeric characters and both uppercase and

lowercase characters can be used. The device notifies you if the lock code is not

properly formatted. Keep the new code secret and separate from your device.

Phone autolock period — To avoid unauthorised use, you can set a time-out

after which the device automatically locks. A locked device cannot be used until

the correct lock code is entered. To turn off autolock, select None.

Lock if SIM card changed — Set the device to ask for the lock code when an

unknown SIM card is inserted into your device. The device maintains a list of SIM

cards that are recognised as the owner’s cards.

Remote phone locking — Enable or disable remote lock.

Closed user group — Specify a group of people to whom you can call and who

can call you (network service).

Confirm SIM services — Set the device to display confirmation messages when

you are using a SIM card service (network service).

Certificate management
Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone mgmt. > Security settings >