Nokia 5228 - Troubleshooting

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Q: Why can’t I end a Bluetooth connection?

A: If another device is connected to your device, you can end the connection from

the other device or deactivate Bluetooth connectivity in your device. Select Menu >

Settings and Connectivity > Bluetooth > Bluetooth > Off.

Q: What do I do if the memory is full?

A: Delete items from the memory. If Not enough memory to perform operation.

Delete some data first. or Memory low. Delete some data from phone

memory. is displayed when you are deleting several items at the same time, delete

items one by one, beginning with the smallest items.

Q: Why can’t I select a contact for my message?

A: The contact card does not have a phone number, address, or e-mail address. Select

Menu > Contacts and the relevant contact, and edit the contact card.

Q: How can I end the data connection when the device starts a data

connection again and again?

A: The device may be trying to retrieve a multimedia message from the multimedia

message centre. To stop the device from making a data connection, select Menu >

Messaging and Options > Settings > Multimedia message > Multimedia

retrieval. Select Manual to have the multimedia messaging centre save messages

to be retrieved later, or Off to ignore all incoming multimedia messages. If you

select Manual, you receive a notification when you have a new message in the

multimedia message centre. If you select Off, the device does not make any network

connections related to multimedia messaging. To set the device to use a packet

data connection only if you start an application or action that needs it, select

Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Admin. settings > Packet data > Packet

data connection > When needed. If this does not help, switch the device off and

then on again.

Q: Can I use my Nokia device as a fax modem with a compatible PC?

A: You cannot use your device as a fax modem. However, with call diverting (network

service), you can divert incoming fax calls to a fax number.


© 2010 Nokia. All rights reserved.


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Q: How do I calibrate the screen?

A: The screen is calibrated at the factory. If it is necessary to recalibrate the screen,

select Menu > Settings and Phone > Touch input > Touch screen

calibration. Follow the instructions.

Q: Why do I get the error message Expired certificate or Certificate

not valid yet when I am installing a downloaded application?

A: If Expired certificate or Certificate not valid yet is displayed, even if the

certificate should be valid, check that the current date and time in your device are

correct. You may have skipped the setting of date and time when starting the device

for the first time, or the mobile network may have failed to update these settings

to your device. To resolve this, select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone

mgmt. > Factory settings. Restore the factory settings, and when the device

restarts, set the correct date and time.

20. Protect the environment

Save energy

You do not need to charge your battery so often if you do the following:
● Close applications and data connections, for example, your Bluetooth

connection, when not in use.

● Deactivate unnecessary sounds, such as touch screen and key tones.


When this device has reached the end of its working life, all of its

materials can be recovered as materials and energy. To guarantee the

correct disposal and reuse, Nokia co-operates with its partners through

a program called We:recycle. For information on how to recycle your

old Nokia products and where to find collection sites, go to, or using a mobile device,

werecycle, or call the Nokia Contact Center.